Saturday, December 23, 2006

The end

Hello. It's that time of year again to create best-of lists. Here are mine:

This is a difficult topic because not every year is a good year. This was a moderately bad year for music.
Justin Timberlake- Futersex/Lovesounds: I think Justin proved that as long as he works with the best producers in the biz, he will make fun, dancable, sexxxy songs. This album completely crashes and burns after track 6. Half the album is embarassingly bad. But the first half is so good that I can still put this on the best-of list.

Band of Horses- Everything all of the Time: The song "weed party" is so addictively wonderful. I can't even count the number of times I played that song while walking out of work (that is, before my ipod diepoded). Something about the way the guitars come in and the way it magically syncs up with the hustle-a-bustle of Michigan Avenue and the feeling of being done with work for the day, well, that's a feeling that I just can't get from any other song.

Thom Yorke- The Eraser: I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thom Yorke and Radiohead, so he could've just recorded sounds of having diraohea (hopefully my friends understand why it's spelled that way) and I would've loved it. What came out wound up sounding like a brainstorming session for the next Radiohead album, but I still love it. Basically, the important thing I got from this album is that Thom Yorke is very creative, but, something IS lacking without his bandmates. Still, valliant effort.

The Fiery Furnaces- Bitter Tea: The song "Waiting to know you" is heartbreakingly good. For the perpetually single, this song is a lay-on-the-floor-and-cry-like-you're-an-angst-ridden-sixteen-year-old. This band is quirky, many of their lyrics are strange and incomprehensible but often sung in a way that communicates exactly what they mean. (If that makes sense)

And the best album of the year (as determined by me): THREE WAY TIE!!!!
Girl Talk- Night Ripper: I have never danced harder or more enthusiastically. The track titled "Bounce that" is infectious and is stuck in my head forever. forever. and ever. amen.

Neko Case- Fox Confessor Brings the Flood: She sings about the Blue Line. Humboldt park murders. things being easy for pauline. What's not to like? I can't decide what song is my fave. Lately I've been listening to "Maybe Sparrow" and "the needle has landed" a lot. Although, "widow's toast" "that teenage feeling" and "hold on, hold on" have all been on heavy rotation. And if you've never heard her rendition of "this little light of mine" (it's on a different album), it will bring out any poor white trash/hillbilly that might be deep within your genes.

Beruit- "gulag orkestar": I hate that these kids are younger than me. and I love that I feel like a gypsy when I listen to this album.


Au$10 said...

I'm shocked a little disappointed that you didn't include TVotR on here. Here's to a tasty 2007, my friend...

the doctor is in said...

I actually meant to have them on there. I become a kind of impatient blogger sometimes.