Monday, February 04, 2008

Vote for Clinton, but actually, just vote

Just a quick post. I'm voting for Clinton tomorrow. I've decided. It's been a tortured decision. I decided I've been waiting for this for awhile.

Ever since Tina Fey said on SNL's Weekend Update in 2000, "When Hillary Clinton was asked if she would consider running for President in 2004 she said, 'Absolutely not, it's not on my agenda.' Which, in Clinton-speak, means 'I will be President in 2004." It made my mouth water. I got excited about the idea of a woman as President.

Then the Iraq war came and I fell out of love with her.

Then I wanted Al Gore to run. Still kind of bummed that he's not.

I started out thinking I was going to be a huge Obama supporter. But he just didn't give me any substance. I thought I would hate Hillary starting out (given her war vote). But what I got from Hill was sharp debate performances, substantive policy and a message that focused on competency and results.

Did Bill go too far in his attacks on Obama? Maybe. But this is nothing compared to what will happen during the general election. McCain won't be saying that Obama is like Jesse Jackson, he'll be calling him a rabid Malcom X that wants to eliminate white people from America. The Clinton's attacks are nothing.

Ultimately what has solidified my support is a blog post that I read today. I take it very seriously when a candidate actually asks for my vote. Hillary actually asked, explicitly, for LGBT American's votes. She advertises in the Windy City News (Chicago's gay alternative paper). She marches in gay pride parades. There is something about her that makes me think LGBT rights will not be an after thought of her administration.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we'll wind up with more "don't ask, don't tell." All I can do is vote for what I hope.

And what I hope is that Hillary wins, chooses Obama as her running mate (THAT would be a ticket that makes history), grinds up the Republican right wing into a fine powder and snorts it... and then goes back to dancing to Daft Punk in her living room.

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