Monday, September 18, 2006


Well after spending an entire day of working with TV and radio advertising buys, I went ahead and spent my evening watching the programs I purchased.

First up was "the class". I, personally, like this show. The writing needs to get tighter and the romantic tension was pretty stale, but I hope for the best. Many of America's favorite comedies took some getting used to and needed an adjustment period. The chick from "Mean Girls" is the real show stealer. Maybe it's because she's the only character I identified with.

Then I started channel surfing. I watched a bit of "How I met your mother" (I think). It had Doogie Howser MD in it so I'm pretty sure that's what I was watching. (Wow, I'm a good media buyer) Mildly entertaining.

Then I got sucked in by an amazing episode of Super Nanny. God, I love that show. I can't stop watching it. The kids were awsome. At one point the mom said, "five minutes and you take a bath." The kid's response: "Five minute and you take a dump." These kids could probably write for an NBC comedy and it would be an improvement.

Speaking of NBC, I totally spaced and forgot to watch "Studio 60 from the Sunset Strip." I watched the last 1/2 hour of it. The feel is just like West Wing. Big shocker, it's an Aaron Sorkin production. I liked what I saw. I was interested in the characters and interested to see where they take it. I'm still mourning the death of West Wing. Where is President Bartlett? And CJ. Oh CJ, I miss you. My only complaint is that it needs to be funnier. I feel like it wants to be a comedy but doesn't know how.

I think a lot of people want comedies. The entire TV landscape is occupied by crime dramas and reality TV. Thankfully only the strong have survived the reality showdown (Super Nanny, Wife Swap, Survivor , etc).

I'm still looking forward to seeing the unveiling of "Six Degrees", "Brothers and Sisters", "Jericho" (because I have had a mini-crush on Skeet Ulrich since "Scream" and his name is Skeet...lil jon is laughing somewhere) and "The Nine." My biggest hopes and dreams are with "30 rock." Anyone who knows me knows my LOVE of SNL. And this show has some of my favorites from my favorite show. Speaking of which, when is Molly Shannon going to get a show? I love Molly Shannon.

Of the returning series, it's basically everything I watched last year: Desperate housewives, Grey's, and Law and Order SVU. God I love SVU
To paraphrase myself when I play video games: TV TV TV TV TV TV TV.


Au$10 said...

*raises hand in anticipation of "30 Rock"*

Seriously, though. There ain't much on TV that's making me happy these days, but I put some hope in that one.

Also, you're a blogging fool lately, huh?

the doctor is in said...

If you call blogging more than once a month a "fool" then yes I am.

Erin said...

I think the show Fashion House is missing from your lineup. I say good day sir! (and see you this weekend)