Monday, October 02, 2006

Let's go to the beach tonight, with a bottle of wine.

It's been awhile. Whoops. I'm a bad blogger. I'm listening to the Office and blogging now. That's where tonight's title comes from. My love the Office.

I've fallen into a hole of work. It just doesn't end. Markets get reassigned, I have to transfer files, update my new records, follow up on old stuff, help other people... blech. Work. I'm strangely invigorated by it, though. Maybe I'm a big dork but I want to succeed at this. I started off not wanting to be in media at all and now I'm kind of hooked. Even though it's repetitive and can get boring and mind numbing, I find it interesting and important in successfully executing an advertising campaign. I think the advertising field is undergoing massive changes and I think GSD&M is trying to stay ahead of the curve on these changes. So, go us!

In other, more important news, I went to St. Louis two weeks ago for a wedding. Kim Belcher is now married to Ryan Pepple. They are very cute together and too attractive. And I hate them. Acutally that's a lie, I gave them money.

I stayed with Jason, who is now a double cancer survivor. It was great to see him and see him healthy. He's still healthier than I am. He ran a 5k, had breakfast and came back home before I even woke up. So, he's getting back to his old self. Which is great and I'm so proud of him for so fearlessly facing down cancer twice. Here's to Jason being in the clear for good.

Speaking of Jason, he came and visited this past weekend. I was working so much and had a cold and did not want to go out. I did see him some, not as much as I wanted to though. Still, it was nice to see a lot of Sweet Pea this month.

In bad news, my camera is acting the fool. It won't let me delete any pictures from the memory card or download them to my computer. And I've got some great pics that need to make it to my flickr. I'm sad about it. Hewlp.

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